December 2, 2016: Friday

Friday.  I didn’t record anything that I did today.  Must not have been very interesting.  All writing all day, I suspect.  Anyway, onward, only so many days left to catch up on.  Sorry for the gaps.

December 1, 2016: Almost Time to Return to Europe

Italy and the holidays are coming up on us quickly!  This time in Carrollton is suddenly flying by very fast.

I was up very early this morning, no idea why.  So I got into the office and was productive all morning.

I had a long conference call today where I had to help diagnose a really strange problem and finally was able to figure out that the problem was an overheating 10GigE NIC card!  That was hard to find.

It was a busy day and I didn’t get a chance to record much about it.

November 30, 2016: Warm and Sunny for a Change

Wednesday.  Did a lot of writing today trying to get caught up, at least a little, on SGL.  Worked on that much of the day.  Got some Zoho tools, like Zoho Chat and Zoho Email set up today to see how they would work for a small team project as well.

We had a bright and sunny day today.  Liesl decided to camp out in front of the atrium door in a sunny patch, like a cat, to do her homework.  It was so warm that we had the windows open today.

Liesl doing Homework

Today we managed to book our apartment home in Noto, Italy where we will be staying all winter!  Our plan is to spend a week in Rome on the way there so that we can see the city since we have to fly into Rome anyway before going down south to Sicily.

Rachel came home super late tonight and opened champaign so we had an impromptu champaign and pajama party at the house.  Estella ended up coming over this evening to drop something off and stayed while all of us watched most of a season of Coupling.

November 29, 2016: Joris Rapelje

So my Aunt Sharon has been doing some geneology work and has discovered that I am related to New Netherlands founding father Joris Rapelje. He is my great grandfather back ten generations.  He is also my first link to some French heritage.  And since he and his wife were married and departed from the Spanish Netherlands after being run out of France by the Catholics it gives me a tie to Spain as well.

What is really interesting about this find is that she tracked Joris down and had no idea who he was.  He, and his wife, are both people that I have studied previously in my history studies but did not know that we were related.  I knew who it was the instant that I heard the name.

What makes this even more interesting is that I am descended from Joris through my mother’s mother’s side and Aunt Sharon’s husband Leo (George Leo Richardson) is why she found Joris, because he is descended from him as well.  That makes Leo and I tenth cousins!

I played video games with the kids today.  I had plans to go out with Shawn tonight, but he has broken ribs from playing football over Thanksgiving and fell asleep so I never heard from him.