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July 6, 2014: Done with the House

July 23rd, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

Today it is time to return back home to Peekskill. I stayed at the house this morning watching the kids all morning while everyone except for Madeline went off to Dave’s Diner for breakfast. Madeline just slept so I never saw her. This was my last window to spend time with the little ones before I leave to go back down to Peekskill.

I packed up the car while everyone was gone and they all left to go see How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the noon showing so I left at the same time that they all did. So that worked out really well that it wasn’t such a big “goodbye” to the girls as they were leaving to go do something too. It was sad goodbyes, though, we are getting way too little time together. Liesl understands that a week is only so long. For Luciana it is really rough. Dominica said that she wakes up crying sometimes at night asking for me. L

So I was on the road at around eleven thirty. I took the Thruway thinking that I could hop over to NY 9 south somewhere partway down the Hudson but before I even made the turn from 90E to 87S I was already in stopped traffic! Not good.

I bailed at the first exit that I could get to which let me take 787 to downtown Albany and cross the river there on 9 & 20 from where I worked my way south on 9 all of the way down to Peekskill. It is a much slower road but very scenic. I got to see all of Rensselaer, Columbia, Dutchess and Putnam counties. Columbia is a county that I am not sure that I have ever driven through before, actually. Beautiful countryside. And some really cool historic areas like Hyde Park and Rhinebeck. Places that I know but have never been to, at least not in my memory. There are a lot more major colleges and universities along that route than I had realized too.

It took me probably four and a half hours to get home. Had to stop for gas once and stopped at the little roadside place called Grandma’s Deli just south of Fishkill on 9 for a sandwich before getting home.

On the drive I finished reading “Foundation and Empire” and managed to start reading “Second Foundation.”

It was mid-afternoon when I got to the house in Peekskill. I hunkered in and didn’t really leave the bedroom all afternoon. I mostly relaxed today, did very little work. But I did a little.

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July 5, 2014: Moving Furniture Day

July 23rd, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

Today is our last day to do the big item moves and to get things out of the house and into the roll off dumpster before it gets taken away.  So a busy day ahead of us.

Before getting started Emily and I went to the bakery and got food for everyone.  We got donuts and half moons.  Then it was time to get to work.

Today we cleaned out the basement.  That was the last major part of the house that needed to be emptied out.  It was disgusting but went alright.  There were only a few really heavy items down there which is good because we had to bring them up some serious rickety stairs and the landing was on the verge of collapse.

The second big thing today was bringing down all of the large furniture from the upstairs.  There was a lot, an awkwardly large amount of pointless furniture stored upstairs.

It was an exhausting day.  This evening, Dominica, her dad, Madeline and I went out to the movies to see Transformers 4 which was completely awful.  No plot, horrible directing.  Really one of the worst movie franchises ever which is so sad because the cartoon was so iconic.  But nothing unexpected.

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July 4, 2014: Waverly

July 22nd, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

I meant to get up early this morning and get on the road but I must have been exhausted or fighting off something because I did not wake up until eleven o’clock!  So much later than I had anticipated or even thought possible.  Even when I woke up I did not feel like it could possibly be that late at all and imagined that it was actually much, much earlier.  Not good, and email was not working this morning.  So I never got any messages from Dominica saying that they had left.  I checked email and thought that they must have been running late too.

I scrambled to get ready and was out the door very quickly.  Once I was on the road I started getting emails and realized that they had left before eight this morning and were nearly to Waverly already!

I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts and gas station on the circle heading out of town towards the Bear Mountain Bridge and got “breakfast” to eat while I drove.

Almost immediately after crossing the bridge I got stuck in horrific traffic.  I sat nearly at a stand still for a full hour!  So much for ever getting out to Waverly.

Later on the weather got bad and I was caught in bad rain that slowed me down a lot too.

So the drive took a really long time.  I was very proud of myself for managing to get to the family farm without needing any directions.  It is not in an easy to find spot and I have never driven there without Dominica before.  It was late afternoon when I finally arrived.  It turns out that the Tocco clan had decided that they were not spending the night tonight like I had been informed previously, because there was so much work to be done on the house tomorrow, so they were planning on leaving around six!  I had no idea about this until I arrived.  I thought that I was running late but that it was no big deal as we were spending the night.  Nope.  Instead I got there and only had about two hours before turning around to drive up to Frankfort.

So my day ended up being one with a lot more driving than I had intended.  An hour or more extra getting to Waverly and then about four more hours getting up to Frankfort.  Almost a ten hour driving day.

Dominica rode with me in the Spark and the girls went with Francesca and their cousins.  So Dominica and I got some time to hang out on the long drive.

It was fairly late when we got out to Frankfort so nothing in the plans for us this evening.

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July 3, 2014: Very Short Day

July 21st, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

Got into the office and it turned into an extremely short day for me. Worked until about one thirty when we got let to go home. I had a meeting at two so I stayed for a little bit to do that and then went home around two thirty. That was a lot earlier than I had expected and it was very nice.

I just spent the afternoon relaxing. No plans since I was out much earlier than I had expected. Tomorrow morning I am driving up to Waverly to celebrate the Fourth of July with the family. They are heading down there at eight in the morning.

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July 2, 2014: More Training and Howe Caverns

July 21st, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

My second day of training at the office. Spent the whole day in class again, had a good time and learned quite a bit, I think. A good use of my time.

Like yesterday I worked for several hours after being done with class and heading back home.

Today the family is at Howe Caverns near Herkimer, New York. I have not been there since I was really little and this is the first time for Liesl and Luciana. They had fun today but it wasn’t their favourite field trip ever.

What everyone that was big enough to do so (so not Luciana) loved today was the zip lining that they did at Howe Caverns. They had so much fun that Dominica is now convinced that we should go to Costa Rica and take a zip lining vacation.

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July 1, 2014: Training Day

July 21st, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

I get a nice break from my normal routine in the office today and tomorrow, I am attending training. I have worked with the technology in question some but have never taken a class before so this is, I hope, going to be really good for me.

It is an all day class, more or less, so I went straight to class and was there all day. It is not elsewhere so I am not traveling today or anything like that. There was a lot of food provided in the class which was nice. Overall I had a good time. It was really nice because it provided a change of pace, was a class which I tend to enjoy and a chance to work with other people that I do not normally get to work with so that added a lot of variety too. It made for a good day and since I am doing this two days this week, which is already a short week, it is almost like I am only working a two day week this week! Feels a lot like a vacation.

Everyone back in Frankfort is still working on the house this week. They are doing some traveling too, though. Tomorrow they are off to be tourists for the day.

I worked a little late today doing real work for a few hours after my class was over.

Went home this evening and spent the evening up in the bedroom, again. Tonight I spent the evening doing an OpsCode Chef install and working on that for a few hours before heading off to bed. Still very lonely but knowing that this is a short week and having more social contact at the office helps. I’ll see the family again on Friday.

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June 30, 2014: Beginning the Lonely Week

July 15th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

And my lonely week begins.  Last week was only a partial week alone but this week is a full week.  On my drive into the office this morning I began rereading Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation.”  I last read “Foundation” somewhere in the vicinity of the seventh grade.  I can remember reading it and the other two books in the trilogy while at Pavilion Baptist School and I associate it with the classroom that they used for us in seventh grade so I am guessing that that is when I read it but it is really hard to say for sure, it might have been earlier.  “Foundation” has been one of my all time favourite books since I originally read it.  Such a great classic.

After work I just came home and did nothing. I am pretty much avoiding the house in general and just camping out in the bedroom.  At least I am getting some “me” time, but more than I would like, that’s for sure.  Quite a bit depressed being alone this much.

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June 29, 2014: Returning to Life Alone

July 15th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

I slept in until nine thirty.  I was awake for a while before that but was not going to abandon my last Liesl snuggles for the week any earlier than I had to.  Once I was up it was pretty much just getting dressed, grabbing some donuts and loading up the Spark for the trip back down south.

Before leaving I helped Dominica’s dad move two of the larger pieces of furniture out to the curb for the weekly pickup from the “new” house.  I think that that is the extent of what is planned to be done over there today.  Everyone is really exhausted from yesterday and today everyone is heading to the lake to go swimming and relax.

I got on the road myself just before they were all leaving to go to the lake.  We had thought about having me go to the lake but it would have just added forty to sixty minutes to my drive, cost eight dollars in entrance fees and I would have gotten only a tiny bit of time there while the kids were off playing with each other anyway. Not a good use of time.  So I went straight home.

I stopped and filled up the car with high octane Citgo petrol to see if that would help with the stalling problem that I had on the trip north.  Then it was straight out of town and on my way.

The drive went very smoothly.  Nothing to mention.  It was eighty two today and traffic was not bad.  I managed to nearly finish “An Acceptable Time” during the drive.

I got home around two.  Did really nothing this evening, took the time to just relax.  This is going to be a long, lonely week for me.  But at least it is only a four day work week, I get to head up to Waverly on Friday morning so not as bad as it could be.  I’m still not looking forward to another week alone in the house, though.

I am starting to hear what I think are rats in the ceiling above our bedroom too.  Just great.

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