March 23, 2017: The Shoulder Season Hits Sicily

Thursday.  Still really sick today.  Bronchitis and pneumonia, they take their toll on you.  It is easy to get worn down when I am like this.

I worked this morning, then later in the evening I took the kids down to the playground for a while to get us all some fresh air and exercise.  We made it down while the city is all out for the evening stroll.

We’ve hit that time of the year when suddenly the off season converts to the shoulder season all at once.  Downtown has been empty basically the entire time that we have been here and now, all of a sudden, there are people everywhere and all of the businesses are open.

Pretty sick and getting terribly behind on SGL updates.

March 22, 2017: Pneumonia

Wednesday.  So my week or two of bronchitis finally caught up with me and it is noticeably moved to being pneumonia today.  Just great.

Our fruit and veggie guy stopped by today and we really stocked up.  We have lots and lots of produce now.  We love having produce delivered to our door, it’s a great way to live.

We had pizza at home today.  I hung out with the kids for a bit.  Luciana demanded that I video game with them tonight.

Got to bed early tonight.  Not feeling well at all.  Very sick at this point.

March 21, 2017: Rain and Server Work

Tuesday.  Started the day by cleaning the house.  We have a house keeping coming to clean today and, of course, we want the house clean before she arrives.  Once the house was ready, I walked to the market to get food stuffs for us.  We have to go roughly every other day.

I got back and the kids were awake.  So to get them out of the way I took them down to the central playground in the city for a while in the middle of the day so that the housekeeper could do her thing.  Just made things easier.

After the housekeeping Dominica and to my office and we worked together for a bit.

This afternoon the rain came back.  It rains here a lot.

I had a conference call for a bit today.  Really hard to do calls from Italy, the calls never work or the power goes out or the Internet cuts out.

Vultr changing their pricing structure to today was my day to go around and resize all of the servers that I have so that I can leverage the new pricing.  Since I already have them, I can’t reduce the price, but I can double the RAM allotment.  So it is something.

I had to do a bunch of work on the Zimbra server today.  That kept me occupied for much of the day.

The kids were busy playing “Woodle Tree Adventures 2” today.  They enjoyed the original and this one is two player, so way better.

My bronchitis is still awful today.

March 20, 2017: Mortimer Beckett

Monday.  Back to “work” again today.

Tonight the girls and I played “Mortimer Beckett and the Spooky Manor” which turned out to be a much harder hidden object game and less adventure than any of us had guessed.  It was decent, but definitely not what we were expecting when we started it.

Our time in Italy is rapidly drawing to a close.  We will not be here all that much longer.  It is hard to believe that this cycle is Europe is nearly done.  we have not had the experience that we were expecting.  We thought that we were have more resources and more free time and would be able to do many more things.  It has been a good experience and we are very glad to have been here.  But it is not what we were expecting.

Time always flies when we are doing these three month cycles in a country.  It seems like you have unlimited time when you first arrive.  And within a few weeks you already know that time is vanishing faster than you can react to it.

March 19, 2017: Murder, She Wrote – The Game

Another very warm and sunny day on Sicily.  I was up at eleven, everyone else was still asleep.  Once everyone was up, today was a family video game day together.

We had a good time as a family today.  We broke out a new game that we have: “Murder, She Wrote”.  It’s a hidden object game but one with a story.  A bit interesting and different for us.  We liked it.  And it was simple enough that Liesl was able to man the helm while we played.

After completing the first chapter of Murder, She Wrote, the girls and I played “Sacred Order: Beyond Time” which is a more advanced and newer hidden object adventure game.

March 18, 2017: Hidden Object Family Game Day in Italy

Saturday.  I started the day by being up early and doing some posting.  Then I took a walk to the market to get our supplies for the weekend.  Once home, Dominica was making coffee.

The kids played video games most of the day; mostly The Sims 3 and Lego Movie so we were alone in the living room.  So Dominica and I watched a bit of Star Trek: The Next Generation season three today.

For dinner tonight, Dominica made pasta.  Then we set up the Steam laptop for family game night and broke out the laser pointers for fun with hidden object games.

First we played “Amazing Adventures: Around the World” as a family.  We love these simple hidden object games.  Fun for everyone, no effort to get into it, easy to quit when we are ready.  We had a very good time.

After that Dominica was done and the girls and I played “Hidden Object: Happy Homemaker” which they liked a lot.  It is a bit more fast paced than other hidden object games, but very simple to understand.  Very fun for us.

March 17, 2017: Reading the Bobbsey Twins

Friday.  Lots and lots of coughing again today.  The bronchitis is not getting any better.

I did some work with Korora Linux today.  So far I am really liking it.  It is based on Fedora Linux, but the desktop graphical style and polish is really slick.  Built a Tumbleweed server today, too.

Quiet day of work.  This evening we hung out a bit.  Then I put the girls to bed and ready them from The Bobbsey Twins.  They are enjoying the stories from over a hundred years ago.  Mostly they just like that I read to them at bed time.