January 29, 2016: Dominica Still Cannot Stand

I woke up at eight, but talked myself into staying in bed until more like ten.  I was the first one up but Dominica was up not long after me.  Her ankle is no better today, it is exactly the same as it was yesterday.  She can still not walk in any way and is laid up in the gaming room for the day.

Since Dominica is stuck with nothing to do but use the Steam system to play games we bought The Sims 3: Supernatural expansion for her (Liesl has been asking for it too) full price so that she would have tons of additional content to play while she is stuck in there.

It is a truly gorgeous day today.  As we have been so shut up for a month and since we cannot travel, I at least ran around and opened many of the windows and the back door so that we would have fresh air in the house.  Boy was that nice.

Dominica had to stay in bed all day.  My day was pretty busy and there was no way for me to concentrate on anything as I had to take care of the girls all day. We discovered a new source of games for them, Go Girl Games, or something like that.  Simple web games, but they love them.

Dominica spent the whole day playing The Sims 3.  She forgot to save, though, and a crash caused her to lose pretty much half of her day of gameplay.

I went to the grocery store this evening to get some supplies and then I walked down to the taverna to get dinner.  I was the only person getting dinner there, so the owner called his come to come cook and sent me home and delivered the food up to our house an hour later.  Greece is awesome.

We watched a little Keeping Up Appearances before I went and played games with the girls for an hour or two.

January 28, 2016: Dominica Sprains Her Ankle Again

Today started out awesomely.  It was bright and sunny and we all managed to get up at a great time in the morning.  No late sleeping in for us.

The phone rang around nine thirty so that the car rental company could talk to us to arrange fixing the car.  They said that they would arrive in about half an hour so I got up and got dressed and did a little checking of the news online before they arrived.

I had to go out and walked them up the street to find the car.  It is impossible to describe where things are here as there are no street names or anything of the sort.

They brought three people with them to get the car!  They jumped it and then drove it down to the city so that they could change out the battery for us, just in case.  They had it for about an hour and a half before bringing it back for us.

It was a good start to the day.  Great sun, warm weather, the car was fixed, I was getting good writing done.  Dominica and I even, for the very first time since we have been on Crete, went out onto the terrace with our bread and oil and just relaxed up there enjoying the warm sun and seeing the sea on one side and the snow capped mountains on the other. It was glorious.

Then Dominica and I went for a quick walk down to the corner store to grab a few quick groceries when disaster struck: the vicious German shepard that lives on the side of the road by the church lunged at her as we walked by.  She knew that he was there but was not paying attention.  He is, of course, behind a study metal fence and had no means of getting to her whatsoever, but he startles her pretty significantly.  It was just enough that she stepped away from him without looking and twisted her ankle on some uneven asphalt and came down hard on the road.  Hard enough that she scraped about four square inches of her left knee and was bleeding.  But that wasn’t important, the terribly sprained ankle is the issue.  Same ankle that she came down on in Spain almost a year ago.  She lay in the street for a bit before we were able to hobble back up to the house.

This is probably a worse sprain that the one a year ago.  Dominica is in rough shape.  We set her up in the living room with her ankle elevated and iced.  It will be weeks before she can walk again.

I had a busy day of projects that was made far busier by needing to take care of everything that Dominica normally does for the girls during the day and needing to get stuff for Dominica a little bit as well.  We won’t be travelling tomorrow like we had planned, obviously.

Dominica spent the remainder of the day playing The Sims 3.  The girls both slept up in the master bedroom with me, but both, because they are the crazy sisters, decided to sleep on the floor together, so I got the bed completely to myself.


We are hopeful that Dominica will be improved tomorrow.  We will have no idea as to the state of her ankle until then.

January 27, 2016: Travel Too Suspicious For Travel Phones

The sun was gone today and we are back to rainy and dreary.  That did not last long.  It was great yesterday.  So, of course, we are not dealing with the car today because that would mean taking it for a journey to make sure that it was charged and we do not want to bundle up the girls and try to take them somewhere when it is cold and rainy, especially if we were to go try to see ruins or something.

We did need some supplies today, though, as we are out of money having spent the last of our cash last night on groceries.  So shortly after getting up I set out and walked to the far side of our next door village to get cash from the nearest ATM and then I went grocery shopping at the big grocery there and got a few bags of groceries to carry back to our house.  That took some time but we are now stocked and don’t have to worry about money for a while.  One ATM run can last us a couple weeks.

While I was out Dominica tried to call to line up someone to deal with our car and figured out, while doing so, that the reason that we have not had service for our phones is not because there is no service, but because our phones had been shut off!  So she called Danielle and Danielle looked into it and apparently T-Mobile decided that while we were on a traveller plan for phones, using them in places like Crete was just too suspicious so they decided to shut the account off, you know, to protect us.  Ugh.  So they is getting resolved.

I had to go to the local corner store this evening, too.  While I was there Dominica managed to talk to Greenways from where we have rented our car and they said that they would come up in the morning and take care of everything.  That will be much less stressful.  So we are feeling good.  We have cash, the car is being dealt with and our phones are back on.

We made frozen pizzas for dinner, since I had gotten them at the grocery.  Just a quiet evening.

Tonight we tried letting the girls stay up a little later to see if it would help them get to sleep faster, but they had to hang out with us in the media room and watch Keeping Up Appearances.  They agreed and it worked well.  We had some great family time watching a show that helped us to all wind down and relax.

January 26, 2016: Sunny Day But No Car

A very bright and sunny day today.  It is wonderful.  We got up and it was a little late and we decided that we did not have the energy to deal with the car today so we are going to hold off on doing that until tomorrow.

We had a rather relaxing day.  The girls worked on school all day.  I worked on writing and projects.  We did not go anywhere.  The sun was out but we only enjoyed it in a cursory manner.

January 25, 2016: Dreary Monday

It is a dreary, rainy Monday morning.  Exactly my kind of weather.  It was so cold and dreary that we decided that we would not try to jump the car this morning because that would mean packing up the girls and going for a long drive in the cold and the rain to wherever it is that we might want to go, which because it is a Monday is very likely to be closed anyway.  So that did not seem like it would be a very good idea all around.  We will just put it off until tomorrow.  At this point it really does not seem to matter one way or another.

I ended up spending the whole day working up in the office loft doing posting and writing and some technical projects.  Dominica watched a new Canadian television show that she is newly addicted to for a bit of the day.

This evening I went down with the last remaining main bit of cash that we have left and did some grocery shopping.  That was fifty Euros of groceries.  We have a few Euros left, but not much.  Without the car, the only way to get cash is for me to walk to Atsipopoulo which is not terrible, but not close, either.  I have been hoping to not have to do that but it is looking likely that I will need to.  We have made it for nearly a full month with only hitting the ATM twice in all of this time and due to a combination of the local withdrawl amounts and our bank policy back in the States we are unable to take out more than about $305 each time meaning that we have only gone through about $610 of cash in a month which is less than our normal ATM withdrawl amounts would suggest.  Dominica even remarked at how little we go to the ATM here in Greece than we did while living in Nicaragua where it seemed to be every four days and we were taking out larger amounts, too.

Dominica made a delicious tuna casserole for dinner tonight.  The girls were not thrilled, but the adults enjoyed it.  We watched a little of Are You Being Served? tonight, too. We were hoping that Liesl would enjoy watching it with us, but she was not interested and left to do something on her own.

We got the girls off to bed by eleven.  They did not go to sleep, though, until easily two thirty.  Dominica stayed up until two watching her show and had no idea that the time was passing but then had insomnia and was easily awake until five or six.  I was up until around five working and then off to bed.  The girls are in our room again tonight with Liesl on the floor.