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November 10, 2014: Beginning Another Week

November 14th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

It is a Monday but it is pretty hard to tell around here.  After a month of being home continuously the idea of there being days of the week is beginning to be lost on me.  I am starting to feel a little bit dysfunctional just from not doing anything normal in a long time.

I played a small amount of Wind Waker for the girls tonight.  I had a small mission that I was able to accomplish in less than an hour and I was happy to knock that one out. That is a long game and the dungeons do not allow you to just save anytime which is ridiculous in this day and age to use such a pathetic challenge that makes the game challenging based on real world conditions (abundance of free time, lack of interruptions) rather than on something in the game itself. Very amateur.  I can’t wait to be done with this game.  I just want it to be over and I need to remind myself to never try a Zelda game again.  They make me so unhappy.  If the kids want to play them, they need to do it themselves not have me play it for them.  It is just not a happy game.  Dominica likes them some, maybe she will play some with them.

We watched more of How I Met Your Mother tonight.

Our days are pretty uneventful right now.  We are all home, all of the time.  The four of us together.  That part is great.  I am getting good sleep too.  Seven hours every night, which is all that my body will realistically allow me to sleep.  And I have been working hard to go to bed around midnight rather than letting my schedule skew like crazy.  So that has been working out well.  We are keeping to a healthy schedule.

No word on what is going on with work today.  Still, just waiting.

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November 7, 2014: Wrapping Up the Week

November 13th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

It’s Friday.  Still no news on anything.  There rarely is on a Friday.  Going into another weekend wondering what next week is going to be like.

Another day of just spending time at home with the family.  The girls are still pretty much continuously attached to me.  We’ve really missed each other.


Dominica went out and did some quick shopping as the house is completely out of everything.  She had a salon appointment downtown today so she went there and brought home Subway for dinner.  The girls were happy to be hanging out with me all afternoon and always excited to get Subway, although in reality it is Liesl who is very excited and we are lucky if we can get Luciana to eat one quarter of the sandwich.  But it remains Liesl’s favourite food to get.

Dominica and I did some house cleaning today.  I did a bit earlier this week so the house is not looking too bad at the moment.

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November 6, 2014: Day with the Kids

November 13th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

My first full day with the family back home.  This is great.  I feel so much better.  Today was a day to do nothing but relax and hang out together.  Mostly just spending time in the living room.  Lots of snuggle time.

Got the kids to bed at a decent time tonight.  Tomorrow is Friday.  No idea what is going on with the work situation yet.  Still just waiting to find out.  It has been a long month.  Not likely to hear anything tomorrow since it is Friday.

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November 5, 2014: The Family Returns

November 13th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

Today is the big day.  I get to see my family again.  I got up this morning, did a tiny bit of cleaning, caught up on email, showered and was pretty much out the door right away.  It is a long drive to the airport and the girls are arriving late this morning so there really is not very much time to spare.  I was out the door at about nine forty five.

On the way out of Cortlandt I stopped at the Maple Ave. Deli and grabbed an egg and cheese on a croissant to eat in the car as I did not have any time to eat before leaving.  I had the Acadia and made good time since rush hour was already over.

The drive south went fine.  I got to the Whitestone Bridge without any traffic and without needing directions, which was important as Waze stopped working on my phone completely so I had no GPS option anyway.

Their flight ended up touching down a full half an hour early and Dominica was texting me before I had completely crossed the Whitestone Bridge into Queens!  Much earlier than I had expected.  I rushed to get down there and actually the timing was perfect, they had their luggage and were coming out the doors just as I pulled into the arrivals area.  I was able to see Dominica waving and pulled over right away.  It could not have been easier.  I jumped out of the car and ran to my girls who jumped into my arms.  Well Liesl jumped, Luciana was in the stroller.  Hugs and kisses and then back to the house.

It was around one when we got back home.  We spent the day catching up, it has been so long.  The girls mostly just snuggled with me on the couch all day.  They had so much to tell me about all of the things that they have been doing down in Texas.

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November 4, 2014: Band Competition in San Antonio

November 12th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

Today the Grices and the Millers are all in San Antonio watching Madeline’s band compete in the state championships.  It was a long day for them but they got some adorable pictures of Liesl and Luciana cheering her on.  They had a lot of fun out there today.  It was a very long day of marching bands all day.  Unfortunately Madeline’s band did not make the finals so they headed for Houston on the early side.

Today is my final day at home alone.  Dominica and the girls are getting on a plane from Hobby airport early in the morning and should be touching down at JFK at half past eleven.  I cannot wait to see the girls again!  I have been so lonely.  It has been a really tough few weeks.

Today was my cleaning day, all day.  I spent nearly the entire day working on cleaning up the house which has been nearly untouched since Dominica and the girls left.  Toys are still all over the floor and the house is effectively unusable from the mess.  So today I focused on getting it as clean as I could on my own in one day which included three trips out to the trash area!  The only major things that I did not manage to do were the dishes and the laundry.  Otherwise the house looks pretty decent.  The living room is all cleaned up.

Stayed up watching some movies tonight.  The main one was The Sum of All Fears which I have not seen in a very long time.

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November 3, 2014: The Family Heads to San Antonio

November 4th, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

Busy day of posting today.  Got up and got right to it this morning.  Kept myself pretty busy all day.  Today I was supposed to get the phone call with the details as to the next steps for everything at work.  Well, no call on Friday and I waited all day and no call today.  This is ridiculous.  This is a one day process, at most.  It’s been like seven weeks of procrastination and stalling.  The waiting and waiting is getting very tough.

Only two more days, after today, without the family.  I can make it.  Only a little longer.

The family all drove out to San Antonio late this morning so that they could get there with a nice, daylight drive and get into their hotel and relax this evening so that they would be prepared for the state marching band competitions tomorrow at the Alamodome.  Everyone is pretty excited.

This evening, rather late after it was dark, I went downtown and got Subway again.  I just ate there tonight.

Once it was late I bought the recent release Sex Tape on Amazon VOD and watched that.  Dominica has been wanting to see it too and it has a good cast so I figured that it was a good purchase.  It’s so hard to know when it is worth buying something and when it is not.  We buy very little these days but rentals are so expensive. Of course, we rent very little too.

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November 2, 2014: Movie Night

November 3rd, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

Got up this morning and played a little Saints Row 2 before going down to Subway to pick up lunch and grab something for dinner as well so that I would not have to worry about it later.  There is basically nothing left to eat in the house so I am down to eating out to get anything.

This evening I watched some movies.  I have had Australia’s Muriel’s Wedding on my “to watch” list since the late 1990s but just never got around to it.  I always meant to rent it on LD.  Dominica had watched it recently but I was not aware of that.  It is a good film, very well done and obvious why it is a classic.  Not exactly a comedy, as it was touted, but a good film.

I also watched the Irish film The Stag which was excellent.  Funny and poignant.  I really liked it and it has the bad guy from Sherlock starring in it.  I also watched the Korean classic 200 Pounds Beauty, which I think is a mistranslation.  It is the biggest box office hit ever for Korea.  That was quite good, however I think that they were trying to deliver a message and I never figured out what it is.  It kind of just ended up being a commentary on the obsession with beauty and plastic surgery in Korea.  Basically the moral of the movie was “plastic surgery is horrible, but if you are ugly that’s worse, so suck it up and get plastic surgery because beauty matters more than anything.”

I rounded out the night with the Canadian film The Movie Out Here which was pretty good and shot in British Columbia.  More or less a stock low budget comedy but well done for what it was.

I FaceTimed with the girls for a while this evening.  They were very excited to get a chance to talk to me.  Luciana still struggles with having anything to talk about when on FaceTime but she is happy to see me and says “I love you” and “I miss you daddy” over and over again.  Liesl, as always, is full of news and tells me about anything and everything.  Only a few more days until they are home.  They are leaving for San Antonio tomorrow.  Madeline’s marching band competition is no Wednesday.

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November 1, 2014: Going Out for Jazz

November 3rd, 2014 by Scott Alan Miller

As yesterday was Halloween I decided to avoid going out because it would just be crowds and I certainly did not want to get dressed up or anything like that.  I knew that there was a holiday pub crawl down town and it sounded interesting but I decided against it.  But I figured that I would probably go out tonight, at least.  Tonight is “fall back” so we get that extra hour.  Might as well take advantage of it.

I went downtown and got some Subway for lunch today.  Not great for the diet, but not all that bad either.

I started playing a new video game today, Saints Row 2.  It was pretty good.  It is pushing my PC completely to its limits.   I am seeing the game slow down to some degree.  When I was playing KOTOR it really ran completely smoothly.  With this it is still not bad but not as good as it should be.  I so need a new computer.  I just keep putting it off to save money, though.  Just not the right time yet.

I played quite a few video games today.  Then around eight o’clock I walked downtown and checked out The Hudson Room.  I had met some of the folks from The Hudson Room the other night at The Quietman Pub which is right down the street from it and they had told me that I had to come check it out.  I had looked on their website and an interesting Gypsy Jazz trio was going to be playing there tonight at ten so it seemed a perfect time to go check them out.  It is very rare that I get to go see live jazz anywhere, especially within walking distance of home.

It was cold out tonight, in the mid-forties, but the walk was nice.  I listened to some podcasts.

It was close to nine when I got in to the club.  I was shocked at how busy it was.  They were quite full.  The tables were all full and the bar was standing room only.  It is a very large venue, I had no idea that it was so big in there.  I sat at the bar after waiting a bit to get a seat and ordered my customary side car.  I ended up getting to meet the owner this evening and someone at the bar shared their truffle oil fries with me, they were amazing.  I ended up ordering the tofu stir fry for dinner which was excellent.

The band was really good.  Totally my type of music and great for an evening out.  I believe that the band’s name was Tre Gypsy Jazz.  I heard that they had come up from Brooklyn.

I stayed until the band shut down around twenty after one.  Then I followed some of the HH staff to the Birdsall where we hung out till the second 2am.  From there, the long, cold walk back up the hill to the house.  That was not exactly fun.  Lower 40s and a lot of hill to climb.

Only four more days until the family comes home.  Into the home stretch now.

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