October 1, 2016: Quiet Saturday

It’s the weekend.  Our first free weekend back in Texas.  I made it out to Taco Bell this morning and managed to pick up breakfast burritos for the family.  That was a nice change of pace.

After breakfast I am pretty sure that I fired up Skyrim and played for a while.  The girls thought that it was really good and watched me play all day.  It was nice to get to chill in the living room and just take it easy.

September 30, 2016: Herbie Rides Again

The last day of September, and it is Friday.  Where did the summer go.

Did my usual writing today.  Then this afternoon I had to run over to the Palestinian car shop down the street and get the Nissan Quest inspected so that I could send on the paperwork to New York so that we can get the car registered and our new license plates.  Passing inspection was easy.  Hopefully all of that paperwork completes quickly (spoiler: it doesn’t.)

Tonight we bought Herbie Rides Again on Amazon Video on Demand and watched it in the living room with the kids.  Liesl enjoyed it, Luciana was not very interested.  It was too slow for her.

We had tried watching The Love Bug when we lived in Nicaragua, so the girls know about Herbie a little.

September 29, 2016: Still Recovering

Thursday.  Felt pretty rough this morning.  I am forty (and a half) and sleeping on a concrete floor with just thin carpeting and a blanket beneath me is not a good way for me to sleep.  I am very soar today.

Just writing and posting today in the bedroom.  I have a table set up in there for me to work from.

Tonight we ordered in Chinese, not Panda Express.  We just got delivery.  It was pretty decent.  We have a few Chinese delivery places here.  Carrollton is pretty good for food and delivery.